Figures and career
OctoCon AG

OctoCon AG was founded in 1996 and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Our team consists of 21 highly-motivated and experienced specialists - project managers, consultants and developers. Most team members work together at Octocon AG for more than 10 years. All members speak English and are used to work globally.

In addition to our constant team permanently young talents get the opportunity to develop and to learn in a successful environment.

Our Value Proposition


We offer the highest possible quality of all the work done in your ERP system at any time



A complete ERP project implementation or application of a customization - we do deliver on time and strictly according to the budget agreed 



We pursue a successful and a long term partnership with our customers - not a 'sales only' relationship



We assure the use of all the best up to date technologies, methodology and practices serving you in your daily business competition


Key facts
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner since 1996
  • 21 employees
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV of 233 years in total
  • 20.000 users supported globally
  • 200+ projects completed
  • 31 long-term projects
Continuity since 1996

1996   Foundation (5 employees)
1999   Release of the first tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - "Toolbox"


2000   "Innovation Award" by the local county "Zollernalbkreis" (Southern Germany)
2001    "Toolbox" is used by more than 200 Partners around the world
2002   10 employees

2003   More than 100 projects completed
2005   10.000+ users in 9 projects         

2007   5 tools available

2009   20.000+ users in 16 projects

            Microsoft prize for the worldwide best Microsoft Dynamics launch

                              Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella & OctoCon CEO Frank Maier

            Satya Nadella (CEO Microsoft) and Frank Maier (CEO OctoCon)


2010   20 employees

2011    More than 200 projects completed

2013   21 employees

2016   Expansion of our business activities to Scandinavia/Sweden

2016   OctoCon celebrates its 20th company anniversary

2016   New website online

2016   Sponsor of Directions EMEA

2017   300+ projects

Career with OctoCon

Due to our constant success we are glad to offer you the following job opportunities:



  • Project manager ERP (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV)
  • Developer ERP / Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Details)
  • Consultant ERP / Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Details)
  • Intern (Bachelor/Master) - 6 months/12 months - University / University of Applied Sciences / Berufsakademie, e.g. Business Informatics, Computer Engineering, Business Studies




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