Welcome at OctoCon

For more than 20 years we have been an active Microsoft Partner in Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV). Our goal is to implement your company goals in your IT environment. For this reason we make the following statements:

Over the years we learned that promising unrealizable timelines or functions lead to unsatisfying situations. We rather lose a project before we offer unrealistic things.

This is a conscious decision because we see issues having a vertical solution. Always following the latest Microsoft developments to maintain a branch program is a difficult task. Quite often a customer needs only a small part of the vertical solution. In addition, the dependency of one Microsoft partner can be a huge drawback.

Our interest is not the fast, big deal. We want to have a steady relationship with our partner and customers over years. See our references to prove this statement.


But the human level also belongs to a successful project.
This makes the work easy and relaxed without sacrificing quality.
This has always been a great story with the whole OctoCon team
and that´s 15 years now because it "just fits".

Peter Ortmann, CEO, Tempras



Our experts are professionals for the successful conception, implementation and implementation of technical projects, especially in the Microsoft environment. Our team consists of over 20 highly motivated and experienced project managers, consultants and developers. Since 1996 we live together our value proposition: We lead each project to success and finish it with a smile on the faces of our partners. Partner? Correct. We speak of partnership. Because we meet our customers at eye level. Our relationship is based on mutual respect.