Power BI and OCR in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Power BI and OCR in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

by Mario Kleiner Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Power BI

The embedded PowerBI tool is designed to easily create informative charts and reports based on the business data in NAV. The results are then presented in the role center of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (see left section in the picture above).

The administration respectively the creation and presentation of the reports is managed by the included Microsoft Dynamics NAV Content Pack. Users are only able to create PowerBI reports for the records if they have the appropriate permission in NAV, of course.

The Content Pack includes sample reports which can be used in the demo version as well as in the productive environment of NAV 2017. Also, it is possible to change the Content Pack provided by Microsoft. For example, only users with the permission for the final reports are able to see them.

Every report created with PowerBI can be basically displayed in the Role Center. So, the users can display the information they need, directly in their individual Role Center.


OCR – Optical Character Recognition of images and PDF files

In the previous version of NAV (2016) the extraction of information by OCR was only possible for the invoice headers. Newly it is now possible to extract the lines of documents, e.g. a purchase invoice. Simultaneously, the information is checked visually. Additional, when errors occur the OCR system will be trained online by using the Lexmark invoice recording service.

OCR is useful for recurring documents, because it helps to add incoming items automatically to the system. For example, if an item has another notation as the incoming one, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is capable to create references for the new item, even for several vendors. So, the new lines are assigned correctly in the system by using these references. The resulting information can be re-assigned to an existing vendor. Even new vendors will be created if necessary.

As already mentioned, the innovative Lexmark ICS-Website is providing a service to check incoming invoices – this service is for free for the first 75 documents per month! By this way, the system is being trained to identify vendors or items automatically.

Besides it is possible to train the different invoice layouts of each vendor and also extract invoice lines correctly to deposit it in the generated purchase invoice. By this way, a lot of time will be saved due to the complete captured information.

If a captured invoice contains an unknown Vendor or an unknown Item, a new Vendor/Item can be created based on the extracted content. Alternatively, an existing Vendor/Item can be selected. In this way, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 will be trained to use this feature successfully even in the future.

The following image shows the Invoice Capture System (ICS) provided by Lexmark which will be trained.

 Lexmark Invoice Capture System for NAV