"The success of a project depends on the performance of the project management."

Frank Maier, CEO OctoCon

Project Management

The three obviously factors of each project are time, budget and quality. We assure, that your project is in best hands considering these factors, because our project managers are professionals with years of experience.

Three factors make a project successful:






With project management methods like PMI or Scrum we assure that we achieve these targets.





It is normal that conditions and processes change in companies over the time. Together with our customers we check constantly the targets and adjust them carefully if necessary. Over the years we perfect our set of tools to monitor a project so that always an actual status is visible for our customer.

Our specialists weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods in advance. Thanks to their know-how, they reliably choose the right approach and the best methods and tools to optimally implement your project. Of course, you will receive all necessary sample documents and checklists at the beginning of the project. Do you already have knowledge and specifications? Fine! We take these into account and optimize the costs and the use of resources.

Incidentally, both methods - the classic waterfall methodology  and the methodology of agile project management - are internationally documented. Therefore, all projects can be handled in an audit-proof manner and, in the case of an audit, the necessary documents can be submitted quickly. Provided, of course, the appropriate procedure and documentation is adhered to.