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Based on our experience of more than 17 years we developed tools which made our lives easier when working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These tools are used in the daily business of our team and also by customers and other Microsoft NAV Partners.

Find out why these tools can make a difference in your projects.

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Multi-site Financial Reporting Tool (IFRS)

Reporting based on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) gets more and more importance in national and international business.

OctoCon AG's IFRS Tool is a solution certfied for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is the key solution to transfer financial data (e.g. financial figures, fixed assets, stock values, ressources, currencies) from different sites to the headquarter, based on defined rules. It is fully integrated in the standard solution and is easy to use, e.g. for monthly or quarterly reporting.

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Globalize your Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Unicode Tool for NAV is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV which allows using Unicode characters everywhere in versions from 3.60 to 2009 (Classic Client und Role-tailored Client). Its features can be used with all types of objects, e.g. forms and reports, tables and dataports/XMLports.

Supported languages:


  • Cyrillic
  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • Korean
  • 3000+ languages (Unicode)


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Localize your Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The MultiLanguage Tool exports and imports MultiLanguage captions for external processing and translation.

It identifies missing captions and adds/copies languages to existing solutions. Different database versions can be compared using the tool.

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Migrations - the easy way

Migrating customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases requires extraordinary expenditures. The Data Migration reduces them significantly.

The tool automatizes the detection of differences between source and target version. It detects differences in data structures (tables and fields) and enables the user to assign predefined routines.

A basic set of functions and a code store complete the range of functions. This code store allows free definition of code bodies which are automatically applied.

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