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Small business liquidity planning.


LiquiCon for Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Business Central / NAV 17 / NAV 18



LiquiCon is a way of planning liquidity for Business Central.
All specified data for planning is provided from Business Central in an Excel File. On several Excel Pages income and outcome are displayed. Additional planning values can be added in Excel and afterwards all planning values will be stored in Business Central. Installing of the extension is very easy. Just a few parameters have to be set.


Easy parameterization  –  easy installation  –  easy integration

LiquiCon Features:


With LiquiCon you get an add-on that prepares the data from your ERP system and displays it clearly. Keep an eye on all relevant figures, both in the past and in the future. The value added tax can be included in the planning.

Automatic data synchronisation

As soon as you create a liquidity planning, the necessary current values, the plan data and the values of the previous periods are displayed in an Excel file. In this way, you always have an overview of where your company stands at the present time. It is also possible to compare past and future weeks based on existing planning data.

Planning on a weekly basis

By planning on a weekly basis, you will always have an exact overview of the upcoming deposits and withdrawals of the current week, as well as coming and past weeks. This enables you to plan more precisely than on a monthly basis.

Breakdown of values

As known from Business Central, the calculated values of the overview page are displayed in detail in separate Excel pages. These pages also give you an overview of overdue payments and payouts. If needed tax aspects can be activated. This enables an even more precise calculation of the liquidity.