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Process management

Process management.

Introducing or adapting ERP systems can be extensive and complex tasks. It is therefore important for clear responsibilities and efficient work processes to be established early on to ensure the project runs smoothly. Smart process management allows processes to be analyzed, mapped, modeled and optimized, preventing any nasty surprises from the get-go.


If you want to improve something, it is vital to know the current state of it in detail. After this initial assessment, our experts make use of standardized process management tools. This enables you to analyze, document, optimize, control and continually improve the processes in your company. Of course, OctoCon will also help you redefine or adjust processes.

Your benefits.

Our approach:

  • identify, assess and control linked activities
  • isolate and map processes schematically
  • differentiate between main, key, control, management and support processes
  • exercise caution for maximum acceptance of results
  • support decision-making on how to proceed
  • compare results of process analysis with quality management and adapt the intended processes
  • highlight alternative processes
  • provide models with different focus
  • provide extensive and meticulous documentation as a basis for subsequent optimization
  • utilize results and convey them to project management