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Project management

Project management.

Good project management is a question of methodology. Our experienced project managers always keep a handle on the relevant factors of scope, time and budget. The use of proven project management methods such as PIM or Scrum guarantees that the defined objectives are reliably achieved. As part of our partnership, we also continuously adjust our processes and measures to fit changing objectives. Your benefit: You are always up to date and can view the current status at any time.

Our methodology.

Plan ahead and you won’t need to make changes later. Before starting a project, our experts weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods. This way, you can be sure that we choose exactly the right approach to fit your requirements. You will also receive all sample documents and checklists for perfect project execution at the start of our journey together. We also consider the findings and specifications compiled by you – yet another benefit of our customized approach. We pass these benefits relating to costs and use of resources back to you.

3 factors for success.

Project results can be measured. Using project management methods such as PIM or Scrum, we successfully complete your project and guarantee maximum transparency.





For the professional execution of hub-and-spoke projects, a worldwide network of Microsoft partners and employees is required. No problem! Frank Maier, OctoCon founder and CEO, is a founding member and board member of Directions EMEA – the world’s largest conference of Microsoft partners in the ERP field.

Classic project management.

For larger, more complex projects, we follow the classic waterfall method with corresponding milestones. This lets us keep a handle on scope, time and budget at all times.


Further benefits:

  • technical and organizational project support for early
    identification of dependencies and sub-projects
  • manageable documentation, by adapting
    individual user stories if needed
  • limitation of potential effects on company structures
    and/or necessary optimization of individual processes


Agile project management.

A pragmatic approach with agile project management is perfect for smaller projects or sub-projects. Using Scrum, we are able to optimise processes step by step and change them as part of sprints.


Further benefits:

  • quick and flexible reaction to important external factors
  • work with less administrative effort
  • improvements can be implemented continuously, gradually and in real time